With twenty-one years under their belts, it’s more-than safe to say Seventh Day Slumber have etched themselves into the fabric of Christian music history. With latest radio hit and title track to their upcoming eleventh album Found (Jul. 28, 2017, VSR Music Group), they’re now firmly planting their act as a mainstay, with a unique foothold as favorites from heavy rock to AC listeners and audiences alike.

Another rare attribute to the success of Seventh Day Slumber is their connection with family. From the get-go, they’ve always been intimately engaged with their fans, perhaps coming easy for all members as front man Joseph Rojas has weaved his role as family man with music from day one. Providing another twist to their story, is the fact that Rojas himself can trace his spiritual conception and development alongside that of the very public road of music ministry—offering keen insight and perspective for even casual fans—and Rojas has never shied away from sharing the most personal of stories, whether through song or sit-down’s.

Throwing-on another layer, Rojas’ eldest son, sixteen year-old Blaise is now the band’s full-time drummer, a position that for many may assume was natural, but, as you will read, the gig wasn’t easily inherited. With wife and kids so intrinsic to the life of the band, however, no magic “easy button” has been available to Rojas. A quick listen to “Found,” and our conversation with he and band mates Blaise, Jeremy Holderfield, and longtime member Josh Schwartz (currently filling-in for Ken Reed at the time of the interview), will reveal yet another part to this ongoing journey. Enjoy this chat as we sit down together over, of course, delicious Mexican food in Hendersonville, TN.


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