Christon Gray says Christian Music Industry Is A Cult


The Saga Continues…. We have more and more people coming out being outward not wanting to be associated with Christian Hiphop only that this case is different. Christon Gray tweets and says,

Christon Gray is talented both singing and rapping, one would say he’s one of the most lyrical people in Chh, going back and fourth at an exceptional level. You would think Aaron Cole, Jon Keith. There are more but these are the ones that stick to be the greatest. So when he went all out on twitter, everybody was shocked because he detailed everything about the industry and how he felt about it.

“I have experienced mental, emotional, and Spiritual abuse from this Industry. A business that does not reflect the message of Christ and has brainwashed many for personal gain”, says Gray.

Christon Gray has a lot of credibility for bringing this up and the fact being he’s been on both sides, CCM, CHH & Gospel and as a whole he feels its “a Cult”. From his comments about the industry he’s saying he expected something that he never got, i.e Christians reflecting Christ in everything. He’s had a lot of mainstream success, promotional song from WWE, having key commercials, being on Sway in the morning. So he ain’t afraid of being Christian but doesn’t want to be associated with the industry.

Do you think he’s right to call the industry a cult?


Lecrae Gets Baptized In Jordan River


One of the top CHH artists, Lecrae, got baptized at the Yardenit Baptismal Site in the Jordan River during a visit to Israel. He also visited Jerusalem, the Mount of Beatitudes and Capernaum, posting photos and enthusing about walking in the footsteps of Jesus on social media.

Alongside tweet of his immersion in the Jordan River on Thursday

“Today we got baptized in the Jordan River. The one John baptized Jesus in… Getting baptized in it was an incredible experience for me. When you come back out of the water, you come back to life as a new creation. When I was immersed into Christ (not just water) I also become a new creation: ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Messiah, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.’ The more you learn the Jewish roots the more truth comes alive.” Says Lecrae

Verse5ve Inc’s New Venture | Verse5ve Awards!


After the recently concluded Resurgence event, which hosted a jam-packed performance from the headliners, Verse5ve is on a roll as it announced operations of their new venture- Verse5ve Awards – today.

Verse5ve Awards are awards presented by The Verse5ve Conservatoire to honor excellence and outstanding creative accomplishments by Songwriters and performers and in Christian urban music The Verse5ve Conservatoire is a collective of industry stakeholders including artists, producers, recording engineers, songwriters, radio personalities and key players in the entertainment fraternity. The awards will feature songs and artists who have recorded masterpieces in the HipHop, RnB, Afro Pop and Deejays who have been publicly vocal and committed to the growth of the Christian urban culture. Eligible songs are records released from May 1st, 2018 – 31st July 2019.


The Verse5ve Conservatoire consists of 30 members whose overall vote in the final nominees listing consists of 40% of the total votes cast against each nominee. Therefore placing them in a privileged position to impact the future of music and its role in our society.

Award Categories.

  1. Artist of the Year.
  2. Rap/Hip-Hop Song of The Year.
  3. Best New Artist of The Year.
  4. Deejay of The Year.
  5. Afro Pop Song of The Year.
  6. Best Collaboration of The Year.

Please Note.

* Eligible songs are songs and records released from May 1st, 2018 – 31st July 2019.

* The first Vers5ve Awards is slated to happen on and to be announced date in the month of October 2019. Eligible submissions are projects and content released between 1st May 2018 and 31st July 2019.

* The submission portal is open for the Fans and artists to submit details of possible nominees.

Pyrexx tells 116 to eat His $@&#


While we have people making their way to Chh, think of Chance the rapper or Kanye West as the latest person, we also have some leaving. Its been happening for the last 10 years and the latest we have Pyrexx.

Joseph Mcsweeney aka PyRexx, a Houston-based Christian rapper an Ex-Drug Dealer who had served six-and-a-half years behind bars before he turned his life around, made it very clear on his Instagram story. Someone asked him if he`s still doing Christian Hiphop and the way he replied a lot of people were surprised. Some of the songs he put out recently wasn`t Chh oriented. Its a huge surprise especially the tone he put on his Instagram. This man was being covered on most websites and media. Before he got to Chh, he was in a rap group called ABN with Trae Tha Truth.

Pyrexx with Abn rap group | image: Courtesy of

Some people think they dont get enough support, not being real e.t.c. What do you think would make someone leave Chh besides not making it big in Christian Hiphop?

Kanye West Dropping Gospel Album “Jesus Is King” With Tracklist & Release Date


It looks like Kanye may be releasing another album entirely, almost a year to the day after Yandhi was originally supposed to drop. People think he’s trying to win Christian fans over or for the money e.t.c. To be honest, Christianity is popular right now. Chance the Rapper did “The Bid Day” album that had some christian songs. He sounds very genuine when you listen to his interviews, his Faith is at the forefront whatever the subject he’s talking about. Now, what has kept West in the news this year is his Sunday Services, livestreamed ad hoc church worship services where he’s covered classic songs and converts his own hits into gospel music, choir and all. Based on a tweet from Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, it appears he is going to keep rolling with that theme.


Kanye West Album “Jesus Is King”

Kardashian tweeted what looks to be a tracklist and release date for a new Kanye album called “Jesus Is King” written by hand. A release date of 9/27 is listed. Song titles include “Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “God Is,” and “Selah,” Also is “Water,” the new song Kanye debuted at Coachella Sunday Service.








Check out the full tracklist below.

01 “Clade”
02 “Garden”
03 “Selah”
04 “God Is”
05 “Baptized”
06 “Sierra Canyon”
07 “Hands On”
08 “Wake The Dead”
09 “Water”
10 “Through The Valley”
11 “Sunday”
12 “Sweet Jesus”

Reach Records Accused Again!


Recently Aha Gazelle and 1kphew release their music video “x10” which looks familiar with BrvndonP and Mission “Barely Finished”.

Watch the intros of both songs::

BrvndonPMission “Barely Finished” came out two years prior “x10”.

When people are bigger, some will believe them because they have the reach no pun intended. Maybe someone within the Reach camp not necessarily 1kphew or Aha Gazelle, the music director could have stolen the idea. It wouldn’t carry much weight if they hadn’t been accused prior similar situations. J. Monty accused Tedashii of taking a line, Derek Minor openly said they stole his idea “III part series”. If Derek Minor can say that and he was once signed to Reach, then it certainly there’s validity to it. J.Monty has been to those circles before and had the same sentiments. Mission just wants some acknowledgements to it. It’s the third time happening now. What could be the reason to Reach records doing this?