Kanye West Dropping Gospel Album “Jesus Is King” With Tracklist & Release Date


It looks like Kanye may be releasing another album entirely, almost a year to the day after Yandhi was originally supposed to drop. People think he’s trying to win Christian fans over or for the money e.t.c. To be honest, Christianity is popular right now. Chance the Rapper did “The Bid Day” album that had some christian songs. He sounds very genuine when you listen to his interviews, his Faith is at the forefront whatever the subject he’s talking about. Now, what has kept West in the news this year is his Sunday Services, livestreamed ad hoc church worship services where he’s covered classic songs and converts his own hits into gospel music, choir and all. Based on a tweet from Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, it appears he is going to keep rolling with that theme.


Kanye West Album “Jesus Is King”

Kardashian tweeted what looks to be a tracklist and release date for a new Kanye album called “Jesus Is King” written by hand. A release date of 9/27 is listed. Song titles include “Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “God Is,” and “Selah,” Also is “Water,” the new song Kanye debuted at Coachella Sunday Service.








Check out the full tracklist below.

01 “Clade”
02 “Garden”
03 “Selah”
04 “God Is”
05 “Baptized”
06 “Sierra Canyon”
07 “Hands On”
08 “Wake The Dead”
09 “Water”
10 “Through The Valley”
11 “Sunday”
12 “Sweet Jesus”

Reach Records Accused Again!


Recently Aha Gazelle and 1kphew release their music video “x10” which looks familiar with BrvndonP and Mission “Barely Finished”.

Watch the intros of both songs::

BrvndonPMission “Barely Finished” came out two years prior “x10”.

When people are bigger, some will believe them because they have the reach no pun intended. Maybe someone within the Reach camp not necessarily 1kphew or Aha Gazelle, the music director could have stolen the idea. It wouldn’t carry much weight if they hadn’t been accused prior similar situations. J. Monty accused Tedashii of taking a line, Derek Minor openly said they stole his idea “III part series”. If Derek Minor can say that and he was once signed to Reach, then it certainly there’s validity to it. J.Monty has been to those circles before and had the same sentiments. Mission just wants some acknowledgements to it. It’s the third time happening now. What could be the reason to Reach records doing this?

CZAR Josh And Rockstar JT Showcase Their Black Pride In New Single


Musically, CZAR Josh has been known for his pro-black and conscience topics and his newest single ‘Mansa Musa’ is no different. The single, featuring Rockstar Jt and produced by Killawatts, is an aggressive and emotionally charged track that finds both artists displaying pride in their heritage.  


Josh aims to make listeners aware that artists similar to him can showcase pride in their skin color and heritage while still making dope music and being a Christian. CZAR Josh states, 


“There are groups of fans in our space that always want to box Black artists in and restrict them from showing any type of joy and pride in their skin color. Those restrictions extend to being able to speak on topics such as social justice and inequality. We’re always told to stick to the Gospel or just make music. Mansa Musa is us pushing back on those sentiments and being comfortable in who God made us.” 


‘Mansa Musa’ is Josh’s first single since ‘IDWCMH’ released in January of 2019. Josh is currently working on a new project that is slated to release at the end of 2019.


Purchase/Stream Link: smarturl.it/czarjoshmansamusa

Missy Elliott And Kierra Sheard Team Up


Definitely we have a gospel and mainstream collab. Missy Elliot is no stranger on to sharing her faith or in Gospel music. She comes from the time where back in the day did gospel songs. To name a few, Tyrese, Ludacris, R.Kelly has done it in multiple situations. Missy has been on several songs with Karen Clark Sheard (Kierra’s mother). However this doesn’t come as a surprise being a legend in the game, puts up a mark on this song, Don’t Judge Me”


NF Beats Chance The Rapper For No.1 Album In US


Nathan John Feuerstein’s Album “The Search” for the number 1 spot the first week beating Chance The Rapper’s “The Big Day” selling at 126k and 119k respectively. “The Search” marks NF’s second visit to the Billboard 200’s penthouse and his second in a row. Chance’s The Big Day was expected to beat out NF on the Billboard charts.

NF’s The Search and Chance The Rapper’s The Big Day

“I just want to thank you guys for all the support on the record,” NF said in a video he posted on his instagram’.

His new album give’s fans a glimpse into his battle with mental illness, relationships, fame, and how his creative mind thinks.

NF Disses Eminem On New Album “The Search”


It took almost a year when Eminem took shots on NF in his song “Kamikaze” and everyone was hoping NF would respond and the wish has been granted on the new album, ”The Search” with the song “Returns”, a perfect title to get back at Eminem.


Reach Records Announces CHH Collab Project


Reach records are releasing a project dropping this friday. People are calling it a playlist with some of the terms reach use like created and curated. Jon keith also stated it was a project and so did Lecrae.


”Summer is heating up. New 116 project drops Friday #Summer19 #newmusic”, Says Lecrae

This project has a ton of features, and collabs on it. They did this on their christmas project last year. They also have focused on new talents and no features on God Over Money and Reflection Music Group artists.

Nobigdyl Leaves Capitol CMG Records


Once apon a time signing to a record label was a big deal. Signing to a mainstream label was the goal. Last year, Dylan Phillips, better known as nobigdyl signed to Capitol Records however he has since left the label. He announced by tweeting

“Took it to the throne of the Master, broke free now i own all my masters” then puts up a picture showing the release of new single Emcee Hammer


Markus Riggs Releases New Single “Fear”


Markus Riggs aka “4 Minute Sermons.” Is a rap artist whose goal is to find truth in the midst of a world of facts and opinions.

“I know what I should be but also there is so much broken inside me. I have the facts but I’m still on a journey for the truth. There is a lot I am unsure of but I do know this. That life is painful, but even more do its worth it, and those two facts are what my music is all about.” says Markus.

The song in a vacuum represents where he`s currently battling Fear in a non-metaphorical light. The point in life we all get to where if someone asked us what we were going through we wouldn’t bother because the discussion and depth to the question would be endless. It’s the fight that never stops.

“I know my battle with Fear will never stop but I wanted to create an anthem I could turn to in the dark times. A chorus that gave me something realistic yet hopeful. Versus that told me everything wasn’t okay. Yet a song I can look at and see realistic hope in. Those thoughts lead me to bleed out my heart and soul into this song.” says Markus.


Big Yae Returns With New Single “Hoodie Melo”


Big Yae a Hip Hop Artist and Music Producer located in Montgomery, Alabamareturns returns with his newest single, “Hoodie Melo”.

Hoodie Melo, produced by OnBeatMusic, is a hard hitting anthem that finds Yae shuffling through a variety of flows while crooning an infectious hook. Big Yae marks Hoodie Melo as a turning point in his musical career. He states,

“Hoodie Melo is the end of an era for me. It’s when I decided to stop making music directly for youth groups. As I am growing up, my music needed to grow up. Hoodie Melo is the final chapter in one phase of my career as I enter into a new journey, a new sound, and new experiences.” 

Hoodie Melo is the first offering of new music from Culture Villains as they gear up for a plethora of new releases in what the collective describes as a ‘CV Summer’.

Listen here