Big Yae Releases New Single ‘We Gone Ride’



Big Yae releases his follow-up single to  ‘We Up’ with the Cardec Drums produced track, ‘We Gone Ride’. He takes listeners on a trip into his life on the 3-minute track which dives into topics of evangelism, friendships, and personal pursuits.

Big Yae states,

“I want people to know that they can love Jesus and have nice vibes anywhere they go.”

We Gone Ride’ is the second of three singles that he is releasing prior to the drop of his second project due at the end of 2018.

We Gone Ride Listen here

Burundian Fofo Favie Releases New Track ” IGIRANEZA” 


Burundian Fofo Favie releases new track ” IGIRANEZA”


”I wanted to testify the unfailing love and unmerited favour of God towards me. I did not give Him a reason to give me a new season but still He did exceedingly above what I could imagine. My heart is full of praise for His good work in me. Though I know that I still have a long way to go,I do not wander & wonder for He who began His good work in me is not yet done with me. May this song stir praise in someone’s heart today for there is power in praise to change circumstances and break chains (Paul &Silas),” Says Fofo Favie


Nigerian Rapper, Singer & Music Producer “Eclipse Nkasi” Releases New Single “Issa Jam”.


Nigerian born Rapper, Singer & Music Producer Eclipse Nkasi releases a new single “Issa Jam“.

Packed with energy and flawless confidence “Issa Jam” is a Dance-hall and Afro-beat infused Hip-Hop track. This song follows his release of two singles earlier in the year titled “I Need You” & “You No Go Know“. It officially marks the beginning of the journey to his forth coming project that is due to be released next year.


Bupe releases “Dear Dad” (A Remix To Macklemore And Ryan Lewis ‘Wing$’)


Christopher Bupe also known as “Bupe” releases a remix to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song “Dear Dad”

Photo: Christopher Bupe

Growing up I had an interesting relationship with with my father, I wish it could have been better, unfortunately it wasn’t. He passed away before I could talk to him which led me to writing a letter to find closure. 

He continues to say,

It takes more bravery to forgive and let go of the past than it does to hold on to bitterness and regret.

Checkout his Single “Dear Dad

Fight The Fury “Still Breathing” Ep out October 26th!


The debut EP, Still Breathing, from John`s side project, Fight the Fury is coming out Oct 26th! You can Pre-order today and get the first new song ‘My Demons’ instantly!

“Fight The Fury is for all of the fans out there that like the heavy side of Skillet, but want a super heavy album. We hope you feel the emotion of the songs that we have put together because this project is for you! If you want hear more, check out Fight the Fury’s new site or follow us on socials.
Stay tuned for future Skillet news in 2019! We’re in the studio and can’t wait for what’s ahead!”,
Says John Cooper, Skillet

Lil Scrappy, Now A Believer!


American rapper and record producer, Darryl Kevin Richardson, better known by his stage name Lil Scrappy, is now a Christian. He posted a photo of him on a wheelchair being prayed for by Bishop Bronner and posted on his instagram page

I can’t fake the funk, I’m a believer of the real living God and his son Jesus . I wasn’t going to go to church today cause the devil was working on so many ways I end up having to go by myself cause my wife had some other things that had to be dne but I went for both of us inna wheelchair and God sent help and @bishopbronner prayed for me and it was a blessing and I receive it . God is the truth and the devil is a lie #WOF “


Lecrae Spotted with Meek Mill.


I really love when people try to figure out stuff and that’s what I’m here to help you figure out things about nothing right. It really doesn’t need to be figured out because they’ll post on this story. There’s this picture of Lecrae being in the mix with rapper Meek Mill and Corey says people hate on the right. But he’s inspired nobody else. So now there was a discussion I was having with some peers and they were like you know why people celebrate look crazy being in these sparks right. Somebody said if he’s sharing the gospel I really don’t care or could care less than somebody else will like. Well you know he’s there at. College just want to put my little two cents on it. Does it matter what if he’s actually not sharing the gospel but just having a good time being in the mix. What if they’re just sitting around playing dominoes or spades. What if they actually brought him over to meet their moms like, does it even matter? I have relationship with people that are called quote “not of the faith” and are really really good people. I don’t have a relationship with just “Christian people” and you’re not trying to share the gospel every time you speak to them. Sometimes you get some people off but that’s neither here nor there. My question is why do everybody celebrate him being a low spot. I just think it’s dope for the simple fact this is a person that we owe to ourselves and look was a small little “Christian hip-hop” box and we held him just in our genre and now he’s out there and people are knowing his name and if they go look at some of his music. Actually no. I didn’t actually exist. They noted Christian Hiphop actually exists regardless of what he says they will and everybody will always classify him as a Christian hip hop artist. So my thing is and it’s always been like, it doesn’t matter whether he’s sharing the Gospel or not. As long as I don’t get any reports that he’s smoking, drinking and beating his wife, cheating on his wife; whatever the case is, it doesn’t matter who he is hanging out with. I mean why do people care so much about where he is and what he is doing or who he’s with or who he is not with?

What are your thoughts?

Big Yae Releases New Single “We Up“ Summer Anthem.


American Hip Hop Artist and Music Producer, Big Yae known as the go-to producer and collaborator for fellow artist Rockstar JT, Big Yae released a summer single titled “We Gone Shine” in July of 2017. The single reached mainstream radio success being recognized by Billboard as one of the most added songs to Christian Radio. In September 2017, it charted as high as the #9 ranked song on Christian Hit Radio. Big Yae’s Debut Album also titled “We Gone Shine” released on October 6, 2017.

Big Yae returns to music with his newest single, “We Up”, produced by Juicebangers, is a bright Summer Anthem that showcases his continued growth in constructing mainstream music for all ages.

” I wanted to make an anthem that people could turn up to at their house, in their car, at a football game, or at a party”, says Big Yae

“We Up” is first single off his upcoming EP releasing in August 2018.


Kenyan Hiphop Artist, Muhanjii Releases His Second Compilation ”ODD ONE OUT” Mixtape.


11 months in and the never sleeping Hip Hop star Muhanjii, has proven that he is on a mission, with the journey that he’s taken us so far. Signed into Agency5ve, now releases a new project, which puts a stamp on the fact that he’s an artist that one can never sleep on. It is definitely remarkable how Muhanjii has shown a lot of consistency and growth in his craft.

“Odd One Out” is Muhanjii’s second official project since the release of his highly successful self titled EP, last year. It is one that sets the tone for him, as he labels this project experimental and very dear to him. This Mixtape seeks to speak out Muhanjii’s life, as he lets us in on his journey, not just about him as an artist, but also as a young person in this generation trying to find his purpose and live out his faith. From the title itself, his message is clear, that he is not trying to fit in with the crowd, but chooses to stand out in every possible way.

The Mixtape that promises to bring the heat of the season contains a total of 10 tracks with a variety of genres ranging from country, hip hop and trap beats originally created and used by different artists, two recently released bonus tracks Chenda Chenda and Rap Up 2017, and 3 freestyles off WGN, Homeboyz Radio and Kubamba Radio shows Muhanjii has been to over the course of time.

“Odd One Out” mixtape by Muhanjii is now available for download


CHH Artists Get Called Out For Jacking Derek Minor By Dj Wade-O And Cardardec Drums


Derek minor has real raw unadulterated truth, unapologetic about it but the people he has around him will ride for him regardless of the situation. And here we have proof of that. Derek Minor`s producer Carter drums says “ima need y’all Christian rappers (yea that’s right you a “Christian rapper” always will be) to stop Jackin Derek minor. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! A few of y’all!! at least give big bro some credit”. Then DJ Wade-O says, “Dudes been jacking Derek Minor for years. Songs, lyrics, concepts, album titles, beats. Whole 9. Put some respek on his name”.

Recently I reported about this where shortly after Andy Mineo said that his project was going to be a kind of four series Ep type project. Derek Minor tweeted “I did it first”! which in fact was true because in October or September Derek Minor announced that he was going to be releasing a 4 series Ep part series, but I also see that Steven Malcolm also has a kind of a series Ep type concept. So with that being said, we see his influences all around here. Also Lecrae has a whole album titled “Let the trap say Amen” whom the first person or the most recent person heard or something like that is Derek minor’s “Free from the trap” and Thi’sl. Now I know what a lot of y’all are saying, ”It shouldn’t matter whether you’re Christian hiphop or not. You know this, that but it should! When you are not giving the credit for where you got the idea, no one is going to think less of you especially not in Christian hiphop. People are going to be like oh yeah you know we’re all brothers in Christ we should be you know who your speech ideas but hey I’m just putting this out here that this is what a lot of people are clamoring about. Monitor is an innovator! you think about a lot of people’s getting a lot of credibility right now. Ty Brasel, WHATUPRG, Derek minor was one of the first people to work with those people and now they’re on bigger pedestals and a lot of people want a piece of the pie or piece of the action or piece of these new wave artists.

Do you think that this is a bunch about nothing Or people should give credit where its due?