Christon Gray says Christian Music Industry Is A Cult

The Saga Continues…. We have more and more people coming out being outward not wanting to be associated with Christian Hiphop only that this case is different. Christon Gray tweets and says,

Christon Gray is talented both singing and rapping, one would say he’s one of the most lyrical people in Chh, going back and fourth at an exceptional level. You would think Aaron Cole, Jon Keith. There are more but these are the ones that stick to be the greatest. So when he went all out on twitter, everybody was shocked because he detailed everything about the industry and how he felt about it.

“I have experienced mental, emotional, and Spiritual abuse from this Industry. A business that does not reflect the message of Christ and has brainwashed many for personal gain”, says Gray.

Christon Gray has a lot of credibility for bringing this up and the fact being he’s been on both sides, CCM, CHH & Gospel and as a whole he feels its “a Cult”. From his comments about the industry he’s saying he expected something that he never got, i.e Christians reflecting Christ in everything. He’s had a lot of mainstream success, promotional song from WWE, having key commercials, being on Sway in the morning. So he ain’t afraid of being Christian but doesn’t want to be associated with the industry.

Do you think he’s right to call the industry a cult?