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Former Casting Crowns drummer hospitalized after motorcycle accident on his way to church

Popular Christian band Casting Crowns took to social media to ask their supporters to pray for their former drummer, Andy Williams, who is fighting for his life following a severe motorcycle accident.

Williams’ accident took place on Sunday while on his way to church, the “Scars In Heaven” group shared on Facebook.

“This morning Andy Williams, our beloved drummer, was struck by a vehicle while on his motorcycle on his way to church,” the post read. The band also shared a photo of Williams and one of his children.

The update explained that Williams was “resuscitated at the scene” and rushed to Vanderbilt Emergency Department in Nashville, Tennessee.

Williams was placed on a “ventilator with severe trauma to his body and brain,” the band disclosed. “The doctors have performed scans and are continuing to identify the trauma suffered.”

Casting Crowns then issued a call to action.

“He is ALIVE but his needs are many. The doctors say right now that the best thing that can happen is for him to wake up on his own so please stop what you’re doing and pray for Andy to wake up,” the band urged.

The brief statement concluded by asking fans to “Pray for his wife Kelly, his two sons Asher and Aiden, and his sister Mary.”

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