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Kanye West Dropping Gospel Album “Jesus Is King” With Tracklist & Release Date

It looks like Kanye may be releasing another album entirely, almost a year to the day after Yandhi was originally supposed to drop. People think he’s trying to win Christian fans over or for the money e.t.c. To be honest, Christianity is popular right now. Chance the Rapper did “The Bid Day” album that had some christian songs. He sounds very genuine when you listen to his interviews, his Faith is at the forefront whatever the subject he’s talking about. Now, what has kept West in the news this year is his Sunday Services, livestreamed ad hoc church worship services where he’s covered classic songs and converts his own hits into gospel music, choir and all. Based on a tweet from Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, it appears he is going to keep rolling with that theme.


Kanye West Album “Jesus Is King”

Kardashian tweeted what looks to be a tracklist and release date for a new Kanye album called “Jesus Is King” written by hand. A release date of 9/27 is listed. Song titles include “Baptized,” “Sweet Jesus,” “God Is,” and “Selah,” Also is “Water,” the new song Kanye debuted at Coachella Sunday Service.








Check out the full tracklist below.

01 “Clade”
02 “Garden”
03 “Selah”
04 “God Is”
05 “Baptized”
06 “Sierra Canyon”
07 “Hands On”
08 “Wake The Dead”
09 “Water”
10 “Through The Valley”
11 “Sunday”
12 “Sweet Jesus”

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