Lauren Daigle Announces Krewe Pass 2.0, An Extension Of Her Fan Experience

This week, Lauren Daigle announced the extension of her three month fan experience with Krewe Pass 2.0.

“My team and I have learned so much over the past few months as we’ve honed in on the true intention of Krewe Pass. It has always revolved around community, and has served as a way for us to connect outside of our typical channels. I’ve had an absolute blast being with you in the monthly video Q&As, sharing some weekly thoughts and inspirations, sharing new content, stories, and keeping you in the loop of everything that goes on in my world… and now I think we truly have something that will take it to the next level,” says Daigle

The exclusive fan experience kicked-off earlier this year with a planned three month duration. For more information, please visit Lauren’s website.