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Sony Pulls Plug On J. Monty, “Testify Series”

One of the few Christian Hiphop Artist signed to a major label, J.Monty has been releasing raps with visuals every Tuesday, really well thought out ideas.

J.Monty stated ”For reasons beyond my control….“TESTIFY: Season 1” is no longer available for stream or purchase. For those of you who don’t know, I’m signed to Sony and I can’t just release music as if I were an independent artist…so I assume responsibility for this being taken down. I signed a contract and have to honor that. I definitely don’t regret it being up for the time it was up and the lives that it impacted, and the many messages that it prompted you all to send me that I’m still trying to respond to. The good news is that y’all embraced this tape so well and showed so much love that Sony is interested in #TESTIFY and there’s a possibility that we can get it back up one day. For now, I won’t be rapping every Tuesday until/unless my label gives me clearance. But #TESTIFY was never about rap, it has always been about using your life as evidence of God’s existence. So as long as we keep shining..TESTIFY will never die….
Plus..something ??? is right around the corner..”


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