Aha Gazelle Quitting social Media

Rappers/artists tend to do this often when they feel like they’re spending too much time on social media or going through alot in life and need a breather. William Gazelle Fields Jr. also known as Aha Gazelle situation though is different.

He tweeted, ” Follow me on soundcloud. Subscribe to me on Youtube. Follow me on Spotify and Apple music. There will be a time where I won’t be on socials anymore but still be dropping loads of music. I no longer have any urge to be famous or liked so these mediums don’t serve me anymore. Its always been about the music and the message for me. That’s all. Twitter, IG and everything else is fun and helpful; dont get me wrong but i’ve moved on. I don’t plan on leaving soon but just giving a heads up. My accounts will still be run it won’t be me for directly,” Aha Gazelle

In 2012, he had a project released called #TeamGMG. In 2014, Aha released his first official mixtape, Greenbeans & Tuna, which was received well locally and online via popular mediums such as Spinrilla and Mymixtapez. He received further recognition for “Vegeta”, his most successful record to date. Trilliam 2 was released June 9, 2017 as his debut for Reach Records.


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Reach Records Accused Again!

Recently Aha Gazelle and 1kphew release their music video “x10” which looks familiar with BrvndonP and Mission “Barely Finished”.

Watch the intros of both songs::

BrvndonPMission “Barely Finished” came out two years prior “x10”.

When people are bigger, some will believe them because they have the reach no pun intended. Maybe someone within the Reach camp not necessarily 1kphew or Aha Gazelle, the music director could have stolen the idea. It wouldn’t carry much weight if they hadn’t been accused prior similar situations. J. Monty accused Tedashii of taking a line, Derek Minor openly said they stole his idea “III part series”. If Derek Minor can say that and he was once signed to Reach, then it certainly there’s validity to it. J.Monty has been to those circles before and had the same sentiments. Mission just wants some acknowledgements to it. It’s the third time happening now. What could be the reason to Reach records doing this?