Kenyan Artist Bupe Drops Another Freestyle Joint “No Brainer” Originally From Dj Khaled

You know that person who gives you warm fuzzy butterflies in your tummy? Well, you’re in luck, because Bupe, Kenyan artist based in Tanzania drops another freestyle joint “No Brainer” originally from Dj Khaled, has just the song for you to share with them. 

“I too have someone who makes me feel some type of way and I wrote a song for her”, Says Bupe


Today is definitely a beautiful day to spread some love. 

Bupe releases “Dear Dad” (A Remix To Macklemore And Ryan Lewis ‘Wing$’)

Christopher Bupe also known as “Bupe” releases a remix to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song “Dear Dad”

Photo: Christopher Bupe

Growing up I had an interesting relationship with with my father, I wish it could have been better, unfortunately it wasn’t. He passed away before I could talk to him which led me to writing a letter to find closure. 

He continues to say,

It takes more bravery to forgive and let go of the past than it does to hold on to bitterness and regret.

Checkout his Single “Dear Dad