WordsPlayed “Lfl1” Ep Review

We are here to talk about “LFL1” by Wordsplayed and Weather man. One of the things that I try to do always is always try to be honest yet not disrespectful. Fact of the matter is I was not a fan of this project. This project reminds me when you were a child and you went and played a lot of stuff like you jumped on a piano you didn’t care how it sounded you just was having fun. Or maybe you jumped in a studio and you just hummed and it made noises but really nothing came out but it was cool. This is exactly what I think of this project. He talked about how you went to a concert and he bought a bunch of merch and wore it all time and nobody else cares but just on a music level, I’m not judging this project based off of Christian values or C.H.H.. I am basing this project all full of pure music level and honestly with him releasing his project the same day as Kanye released his, I totally understand why he released a song called “whoopity scoop” and honestly that’s all he kept saying to the entire song and this project really reminds me of that. There were some bars in here, there were some lines that you had to rewind and kind of figure out what he was really talking about because he did it so well.

But overall this project was something that I kind of wanted to throw it out there and see if anybody would dig it. Now I need to judge it based off of what it is. He is in-fact or has been labeled a comedic rapper so therefore a lot of his stuff is funny and it’s not serious but I wasn’t a fan of clowntown but was better than this project. Somebody in the mainstream that does comedic rapping very well would be Little Dickie. The fact of the matter is not only is this stuff funny but he actually is very good at rapping and can out-rap some of these current rappers. So I know what it looks like to actually do it well but definitely keep it a Bill. This project was not good in my opinion maybe good to you guys but it was not good to me. I will say if I could pick out anything good definitely “Kanye cares” was catchy. “Synthesizer Sympathizer” wasn’t that catchy but could be a song that puts you in a little zone if you want to mellow out a little bit.

If there are people who liked this project put that in the comments, let us know what you all think.

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Beatbuzz News:: Out of No Where, Wordsplayed Announces Project Release, Friday June 1st!!!!

Photo: www.itickets.com

Comedian, Rapper signed to Miner League records and co-creator of the groundbreaking musical project “Magic & Bird“, John Itiola stars in his second solo project Lo Fi Love“.

There’s no idea what they are doing over Minor league but the fact of the matter is Wordsplayed has announced he is releasing his solo project called Lo Fi Love“. He announced this a couple of days ago and it is coming out this Friday, 1st June, 2018 or maybe he was just kind of just sitting on some tracks and he was like “Man I got Eilish tracks that I’ve had, let’s go ahead and put it out or what”. But there is no tracklist and out he does in fact have a single out. I mean we had no warning about this. You know even we look crazy dropped to surprise church clothes 3 and there was an old press information thing about it. We still had heard rumblings of a release of a church clothes 3. The only thing was that nobody knew when it was actually going to be dropping. So maybe he announced it due to you know through some Instagram videos or whatever the case is. We did not hear anything about this so this can work for/or against him. The fact is the man has been active. He’s been featured on social club tracks he’s had the whole “Magic & Bird” mix tape that he dropped last year and the year before that he dropped “clowntown“. So the man definitely has been active but we had received no warning for this so we don’t know what to expect, if there’s any features. It’s in fact a project produced by one person. Let us know if you have any additional information, put in the comments. Let us know what you all think that if you all are going to definitely go support this album.



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