CZAR Josh And Rockstar JT Showcase Their Black Pride In New Single

Musically, CZAR Josh has been known for his pro-black and conscience topics and his newest single ‘Mansa Musa’ is no different. The single, featuring Rockstar Jt and produced by Killawatts, is an aggressive and emotionally charged track that finds both artists displaying pride in their heritage.  


Josh aims to make listeners aware that artists similar to him can showcase pride in their skin color and heritage while still making dope music and being a Christian. CZAR Josh states, 


“There are groups of fans in our space that always want to box Black artists in and restrict them from showing any type of joy and pride in their skin color. Those restrictions extend to being able to speak on topics such as social justice and inequality. We’re always told to stick to the Gospel or just make music. Mansa Musa is us pushing back on those sentiments and being comfortable in who God made us.” 


‘Mansa Musa’ is Josh’s first single since ‘IDWCMH’ released in January of 2019. Josh is currently working on a new project that is slated to release at the end of 2019.


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Chh Does It Again!

Rockstar JT got a placement on National TV show that debut afew days ago with their song “Getcha’ Weight Up” feat. Big Yae, CBM Muley & Cet Dollar. One thing for sure he`s usually very transparent, brings raw, uncut, hardcore real music even though he doesn’t let what he`s going through on social media but we know what he`s been through tough times.

Some of the CHH artist that have got placement  in the past include:- Lecrae, Andy Mineo, NF, Derek Minor & Canon. This is a huge deal for Rockstar JT