VIDEO:: Cardec Talks New label, A&R And More

Dove award winner / Producer / Drummer & Engineer Jacob Cardec Aka Cardec has become one of the busiest producers in all of Christian hip-hop composing beats for a number of Christian hip-hop’s best and brightest such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB, Derek Minor, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Social Club Misfits, Xavier Omar, and more.The Crew`s Hiphop Corner interviews Cardec who has proven himself to be a force worth reckoning within Christian hip-hop.

Kid Tris “APOKARADOKIA” Music Video, Does It Deserve The Controversy?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video “APOKARADOKIA” by Kid Triss.

Now the first and foremost thing is that I’ve seen several people not like they don’t rock with this at all. But there are several people that do. And now there are some people that came to the same standard he had better music and everything like that. But when it came to the single venue video a lot of people are now rocking with it. But I checked out a lot of the comments and a lot of people who were commenting on the video definitely were rocking when this one seems like he’s getting a lot of support. On one side yet there’s a lot of people that don’t really rock with this. On the other side I even let my wife kind of check this video out because she doesn’t really mess with CHH like that.

So I like to get another point of view and she said that the beat was dope, which it is, the video was interesting, which it is. However can’t understand him and I think what a lot of times what’s happening is when we can’t stand someone we are very quick to shun them. And so I try not to really take that approach but honestly I’m really confused as to this kind of the point where we are happy and let you know WHATUPRG’s “West Side”. It was just a video. To me it was a song that was all over the place. I didn’t really vibe with it. However the project was dope. I have said that this is another one that I just I don’t rock with a lot of people don’t rock with. Because not only can we not understand them but it’s kind of like he’s not really saying much that he just really got in the studio and just made something kind of catchy somebody said his comments to Cashy 69. I said definitely to me this is kind of like a little punk but again we have a lot of people that actually rocking or rocking with this so therefore I don’t know where exactly we draw the line from actual music or things that actually have a point to where we just allow people to do what they want to and just leave them alone and let them run away. I’m all about artist creativity but I think sometimes there needs to be a line drawn between. Now this review of the video is not meant to bash, i am simply asking a question where we are within Christian hip hop. So I ask you all this because I value your opinions. Am I tripping or is this a little as far as being different?

What’s your take?