Nigerian, M Show, Releases New Single, “Let Them Know”

Mary Sobowale, better known as “M Show“, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, vocal coach, voice-over artist, violinist, and performing artist from Abeokuta, Ogun State, the Southwest of Nigeria.

“Let Them Know” is a song that describes M Show’s prowess as well as her choice of being on the bright side of life with a grateful heart despite all odds as she urges all and sundry to be on life’s bright side, be positive and be grateful. it’s all about the grace of God, fun, and high vibes. The song is available for purchase, streaming, and download on all digital music streaming platforms.

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CZAR Josh Unleashes New Single “Copacetic” Feat. Phil J.

CZAR Josh releases an ode to Black Love with the Phil J. assisted single  ‘Copacetic’’ ahead of his upcoming mixtape, Long Live Us. The Enzo Gran produced track is a smooth, soulful trip into Josh’s indulgence into authentic and unapologetic love. CZAR paints a hopeful picture of romance while Phil J.’s silky vocals croon over addictive guitar riffs. By the track’s end, CZAR Josh brings hope to listeners that black love is not filled with trauma but a blissful union.

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KJ Carter Releases “Til The End” Single

KJ Carter is announced as the newest member of Culture Villains and celebrates with the release of his first song, Til The End. ‘Til The End’ is the first in a series of demo tracks that KJ is releasing ahead of his debut EP in 2022. Til The End is an acoustic R&B track that dives into the difficulties of missed opportunities in the realm of love and relationships. The self-produced track finds KJ crooning over an electric guitar as he grapples with a love that never came to fruition.

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CZAR Josh’s Releases New Single “Bout Time”

Today CZAR Josh releases the inspirational track ‘Bout Time’ ahead of his upcoming mixtape, Long Live Us. The Enzo Gran produced track finds Josh grappling with the addictions of alcohol and people pleasing in the midst of a dark depression. By the track’s end, CZAR Josh brings hope to listeners that they can overcome adversity and obstacles life sends their way. CZAR Josh is debuting ‘Bout Time’ with a live listening experience in Downtown Atlanta on October 15th where listeners will try wings customized to tracks from his upcoming mixtape, LongLiveUs and watch the album performed exclusively. CZAR Josh will also be collaborating with black-owned company ‘Nappy Avenue’ to release apparel inspired by the song.

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CZAR Josh Announces Mixtape “LongLiveUs”

‘Can we talk about what gives us life?’ is the question that CZAR Josh poses as he announces his upcoming mixtape ‘LongLiveUs’. A socially charged trailer released displays a montage of black culture ranging from the Civil Rights era up until the social justice movements of 2020. CZAR Josh released the single, ‘Regal’ earlier in 2021 after taking a two year hiatus from music and three years removed from his debut EP ‘For Your Heart’. Listeners can pre-save the next single from the mixtape ‘BoutTime’, set to release October 8th. CZAR Josh is collaborating with the black empowerment brand ‘Nappy Ave’ to release exclusive apparel highlighting the song. Consumers will be able to gain access to the exclusive apparel by downloading the single after it’s release date.