CZAR Josh’s Releases New Single “Bout Time”

Today CZAR Josh releases the inspirational track ‘Bout Time’ ahead of his upcoming mixtape, Long Live Us. The Enzo Gran produced track finds Josh grappling with the addictions of alcohol and people pleasing in the midst of a dark depression. By the track’s end, CZAR Josh brings hope to listeners that they can overcome adversity and obstacles life sends their way. CZAR Josh is debuting ‘Bout Time’ with a live listening experience in Downtown Atlanta on October 15th where listeners will try wings customized to tracks from his upcoming mixtape, LongLiveUs and watch the album performed exclusively. CZAR Josh will also be collaborating with black-owned company ‘Nappy Avenue’ to release apparel inspired by the song.

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CZAR Josh Announces Mixtape “LongLiveUs”

‘Can we talk about what gives us life?’ is the question that CZAR Josh poses as he announces his upcoming mixtape ‘LongLiveUs’. A socially charged trailer released displays a montage of black culture ranging from the Civil Rights era up until the social justice movements of 2020. CZAR Josh released the single, ‘Regal’ earlier in 2021 after taking a two year hiatus from music and three years removed from his debut EP ‘For Your Heart’. Listeners can pre-save the next single from the mixtape ‘BoutTime’, set to release October 8th. CZAR Josh is collaborating with the black empowerment brand ‘Nappy Ave’ to release exclusive apparel highlighting the song. Consumers will be able to gain access to the exclusive apparel by downloading the single after it’s release date.

G.L.O Releases New Visual For No. 1 ‘Ignited’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 4, 2021) – A sizzling hot video debuts today for the No. 1 single, “Ignited,” from G.L.O, which stands for God’s Love Only. The video can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.

The high energy video features the artist and a group of dancers as G.L.O performs the single based on Matthew 5:15: “Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.”

“I know,” says G.L.O, “that, as a Christ follower, many will try to extinguish the flame of Christ within, but as Children of God we must continue to persevere and shine and remain ‘Ignited’ in this dark world.

“Ignited, written by the artist and produced by Alex “Ace 1” Espinoza, is the fifth consecutive No. 1 single for G.L.O, debuting in the top slot when it dropped at Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rhythmic and Christian Hot AC/CHR-formatted radio outlets. “Ignited” also has claimed the No. 3 spot at CRC Monthly.

Prior radio hits include:
“Ephphatha,” which debuted at No. 1 on CRC Weekly, ranked No. 5 at CRC Monthly and No. 9 at CRC Quarterly;
“Closer,” No. 1 single at CRC Weekly and CRC Monthly, as well as hitting No. 2 at CRC Quarterly, and ranking No. 10 on the CRC Yearly chart;
“No Weapon Formed, topping the charts at No. 1 at CRC Weekly, No. 2 at CRC Monthly and No. 6 at CRC Quarterly; and
“Reborn,” released in 2019 as the debut single from G.L.O’s album of the same name, hitting No. 1 at CRC Weekly, No. 2 at CRC Monthly and No. 7 at CRC Quarterly.

Music has been important to G.L.O since she was young. When she received Jesus Christ as her Savior in 1998, she asked God to reveal her purpose. As she began writing songs, the songwriter noticed that none of her songs glorified God.

“That all changed one fateful day,” G.L.O says, “when God had a Word for me in Bible Study: ‘You can’t have one foot in the world and one foot out.’ After receiving that message, it was the breakthrough I needed. I haven’t looked back.”

With a ministry that knows no boundaries and one that reaches the young and the old, G.L.O’s prayer is that her music can break down the misconception that rap is only of the world.

G.L.O has appeared on local TBN networks as well as UK London International TBN. She has performed onstage at the Gospel Superfest where she shared the platform with artists such as Deitrick Haddon, Lecrae, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and others. She has enjoyed radio airplay from U.S. and international radio outlets.

In June 2019, G.L.O signed with McLaughlin Music Group for management.

For more information about G.L.O, check out and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

KJ 52 Releases New Single ‘Glory To God’

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (August 3, 2021) – At the same time “Glory to God,” the latest single from legendary rapper KJ-52, finds itself reverberating across the ring at a recent UFC Fight Night event, the radio release is poised to sweep Christian Hip-Hop and Christian Hot AC-formatted radio outlets when it goes for adds today.

KJ-52, a multiple Dove Award winner, wrote “Glory to God” with long time producer, Poetics, as the first single for the upcoming album, “KJ-52 vs. Jonah”. A video for the single shows the internal battle we fight against ourselves. UFC fighter Niko “The Hybrid” Price recently used KJ-52’s song as his walkout song during a UFC event.

“Glory to God” is the second radio release in 2021 from KJ-52, whose latest collection of new music was funded by a Kickstarter campaign. “One Year Ago,” the debut single from the album of new material, released in February. For more information, visit

In addition to continuing to write and release music, KJ-52 is an associate pastor at Christian Life Fellowship in Cape Coral, Fla., a position he took in January 2020.

“For me music is therapy, hope and expression,” says KJ-52. “I can never downplay the power of my God and the power of a song.”

“I hope these new tracks speak to you, inspire you and give you hope as we walk through this crazy world. Thank you for sticking with me for this long. The journey is never over is it?”

KJ52, who is based in Cape Coral, is a Guinness world record holder in freestyling and has garnered six Dove Award wins to-date, including taking home honors for song of the year for “Do Yo Thang” and “Never Look Away” and multiple album of the year wins for “Five-Two Television,” “KJ-52 Remixed,” and “It’s Pronounced Five Two.”

Dante Bowe’s “Joyful” Makes History Reaching Both Billboard Top 30 Christian AC & Gospel Radio Charts

They say that there’s a first time for everything.  We’re not sure who “They” are – but they are right! For a rare time in modern history, one single version of a song has bridged the gap, blurred the lines, and brought unity between the Gospel and CCM formats.  That bridge builder is “Joyful” by Dante Bowe of Bethel Music.  “Joyful” is the first single to have the same version of the song to appear on both of Billboard’s Top 30 National Airplay Charts – Gospel at #23 and CCM at #14, and we’re overjoyed, to say the least (pun intended).

There has been a unified cry over the past couple of years within our God-blessed country for true equality and justice among all races, sexes, and classes. Not only that, but we encountered a global pandemic that worked hard at destroying hope in everyone’s lives. This left most Americans in a continued state of desperation and exasperation and was the exact climate when Dante’s “Joyful” hit the airwaves.

“Joyful” certainly hasn’t solved these problems, but it represents the anthem of those who are carrying the torch of change in their hearts and believe that better days start with making today better by choosing to be “Joyful” in it.

The appearance of “Joyful” on both Top 30 Billboard Charts has certainly not come without the hard work of a faithful and committed team of multiple notable promotion teams. Promotional teams for this song include Chris Hauser, 55 Promotions, Boxer Poet, Revival Music Company and their in-house team of promoters – Push It Marketing & Promotions, and The Bellamy Group.

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