Kham Returns With New Single L00K

It has been a quiet 2020 for Kham in terms of solo music. That has quickly changed with the release of his new single, L00K. “L00K” is a hard hitting, energetic, coming of age track produced by Enzo Gran. Kham raps about his transition from his collegiate days to adulthood over an aggressive synth bass which serves as a compliment to the catchy, repetitive hook.

Stream it here

Christon Gray says Christian Music Industry Is A Cult

The Saga Continues…. We have more and more people coming out being outward not wanting to be associated with Christian Hiphop only that this case is different. Christon Gray tweets and says,

Christon Gray is talented both singing and rapping, one would say he’s one of the most lyrical people in Chh, going back and fourth at an exceptional level. You would think Aaron Cole, Jon Keith. There are more but these are the ones that stick to be the greatest. So when he went all out on twitter, everybody was shocked because he detailed everything about the industry and how he felt about it.

“I have experienced mental, emotional, and Spiritual abuse from this Industry. A business that does not reflect the message of Christ and has brainwashed many for personal gain”, says Gray.

Christon Gray has a lot of credibility for bringing this up and the fact being he’s been on both sides, CCM, CHH & Gospel and as a whole he feels its “a Cult”. From his comments about the industry he’s saying he expected something that he never got, i.e Christians reflecting Christ in everything. He’s had a lot of mainstream success, promotional song from WWE, having key commercials, being on Sway in the morning. So he ain’t afraid of being Christian but doesn’t want to be associated with the industry.

Do you think he’s right to call the industry a cult?


Pyrexx tells 116 to eat His $@&#

While we have people making their way to Chh, think of Chance the rapper or Kanye West as the latest person, we also have some leaving. Its been happening for the last 10 years and the latest we have Pyrexx.

Joseph Mcsweeney aka PyRexx, a Houston-based Christian rapper an Ex-Drug Dealer who had served six-and-a-half years behind bars before he turned his life around, made it very clear on his Instagram story. Someone asked him if he`s still doing Christian Hiphop and the way he replied a lot of people were surprised. Some of the songs he put out recently wasn`t Chh oriented. Its a huge surprise especially the tone he put on his Instagram. This man was being covered on most websites and media. Before he got to Chh, he was in a rap group called ABN with Trae Tha Truth.

Pyrexx with Abn rap group | image: Courtesy of

Some people think they dont get enough support, not being real e.t.c. What do you think would make someone leave Chh besides not making it big in Christian Hiphop?

Katy Perry Found Guilty Of Copyright Against Flame

Its been 5 years since Flame sued Katy Perry and he has officially worn his lawsuit against her and the producers for ripping off his 2009 song “Joyful noise” on “Dark Horse”. There was a lot of chatter about this how the two songs sounded with pitch differences but argued that the beat was so basic that anyone could have made that beat. The jury found Katy Perry and her producers guilty of ripping Flame off.

NF Disses Eminem On New Album “The Search”

It took almost a year when Eminem took shots on NF in his song “Kamikaze” and everyone was hoping NF would respond and the wish has been granted on the new album, ”The Search” with the song “Returns”, a perfect title to get back at Eminem.