Blanca Debuts New Spanish Single “Soy”

Curb | Word Entertainment powerhouse vocalist and Premios Arpa award recipient Blanca is poised to unveil Renovada, her first set of all-original Spanish music, April 2, 2021, with the pre-order and lead track, “Soy,” available today. Listen to “Soy” and pre-order the five-song EP HERE.

Renovada, which means “renewed,” pays tribute to Blanca’s late parents, both of whom she previously lost to cancer. The new project honors her parents’ legacy and her Puerto Rican heritage. “My Spanish culture and deep Latina roots play a huge part in this,” she explains. “My parents always desired for me to embrace this part of me and create music for my people and my family. So here I am, finally doing just that. They aren’t here to see it happen, but I’m hoping through the music and the songs, I can keep their legacy alive.”

Renovada Track Listing:
1. Papi Song (feat. Genio)
2. Zone (feat. GAWVI)
3. Un Salmo
4. Soy (feat. Christine D’Clario)
5. Amor De Primera (feat. Lead and Samuel ASH)

Historically, Blanca has naturally translated her lyrics from English to Spanish, but for Renovada, she intentionally crafted every song from the ground up in her native tongue. A reflection of her recent journey toward self-discovery, which she chronicled in her documentary, Pedazos (“Pieces”), last fall, her new Spanish-language EP also includes guest features from Dove Award winner Christine D’Clario, Genio, Blanca’s cousin and a respected writer in the Latin space, and GAWVI, who produced the majority of the EP.

Lead song, “Soy,” translated “I Am,” drops today, giving fans a taste of the forthcoming collection. The track—a collaboration with D’Clario—centers around the theme of identity, written as Blanca was personally exploring who she was as a woman of deep faith and Puerto Rican descent.

Additional information about Renovada will be revealed in the coming months.

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KB Brings The Concert Stage To The Screen With ‘Glory Nights’ Live Interactive Experience

Chart topping, award winning hip-hop artist KB will be bringing his blazing new album His Glory Alone to the virtual stage on November 21st, as the rapper will be hosting Glory Nights – a live interactive concert experience featuring special performances and collaborations. Broadcasted in partnership with VYE from Nashville, Tennessee, Glory Nights will offer a one-of-a-kind real-time experience for the audience, allowing fans to interact with the artists as well as amongst themselves. Showtime is at 7 p.m. CST, and tickets and more information are available online.

“I’m so excited for people to be a part of a brand-new online experience that transcends the typical livestream,” KB says. “I’ve pushed myself and my team towards this goal and I believe we have created something unlike anyone has seen before – Glory Nights. You won’t want to miss this groundbreaking event!”

Paid VIP ticketing options allow for additional experiences, including exclusive Native Supply merchandise, autographed memorabilia, a 5-minute one-on-one Zoom meet & greet with KB, and on-screen access to an interactive taping of KB’s podcast Southside Rabbi, which will take place prior to the Glory Nights event.

KB will be bringing his trademarked high-energy performance to the Glory Nights livestream event, performing brand new arrangements of tracks from his highly acclaimed new album His Glory Alone. Joining KB are special guests GAWVI, FLAME, WHATUPRG, Blanca, Derek Minor, Hulvey, and Tommy RoyaleHis Glory Alone, which contains some of KB’s most raw and uninhibited work to date, slotted in at No. 3 on the Contemporary Christian Albums Chart and debuted at No. 4 on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums Chart.

His Glory Alone available here 

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Blanca Releases Stirring New Documentary

There are pivotal moments in a person’s life that redefine the outlook and direction of their journey. Blanca, a New York-native artist of Puerto Rican descent, embarked on a quest to rediscover her heritage after facing a season of hardship with losing her parents to cancer, which inspired her to create music in Spanish. The documentary PEDAZOS “Pieces” was captured as a result of this deep dive into her roots.

A year in the making, PEDAZOS is an introspective and stirring documentary during a visit to her parents’ homeland, Puerto Rico. The Caribbean island set the stage with breathtaking views and its unique festive flavor for family reunions while revisiting significant landmarks that have been part of Blanca’s family history.

Blanca decided to create this documentary as a way to take others along on the journey. “This was a very personal project, so getting to document parts of my family history was such a gift,” Blanca shares. PEDAZOS offers an intimate insight behind her decision to make music in Spanish over the past two years. “I have been to Puerto Rico many times but for some reason filming this documentary gave it a whole new light. I learned things about my ancestors, I visited the places my parents grew up at as kids. I got to honor their life in a way just by being there and learning about them. It was incredible!”

The singer/songwriter experienced many poignant moments throughout her time in Puerto Rico. However, a standout day is undoubtedly the emotional visit to the church founded by her father. “It was as if in that very moment I could feel my parents smiling down on me. Things went wrong, the power went out and I had to sing acapella but, even through all of that, it was such a special moment,” shared the powerhouse pop vocalist.

During her week in Puerto Rico, alongside director Gabriel Dávila and his team of Dexios Design Films, she shared memories from her childhood and delved deeper into the cultural makeup that is part of the woman she is today.

Because of this transformative project, the second-generation Puerto Rican is determined more than ever to showcase and honor her roots. In 2021, Blanca will drop a new Spanish-language EP inspired by her time in Puerto Rico.

The full documentary, PEDAZOS “Pieces,” premieres today at 7 PM (CST) on Blanca’s official YouTube channel. In addition, she will do a Live with Gabriel Dávila, the director of this project, at 6:30 PM (CST), prior to the documentary’s release, on her Instagram page.

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