Kham Releases Double Single “To Whom It May Concern..I’m Healing”

After Kham released his debut project in late 2020, he entered a state of depression. Being a Black Christian with fans whose views and comments opposed and harmed him, was challenging. Day after day Kham was attacked on social media and through direct messages for his views on police brutality and vocalizing through his music that black lives indeed matter. This took a toll on Kham which led him down a dark path mentally. He was exhausted and discouraged from being gaslit and invalidated for wanting equality and justice for people that look like him.

This dark path took Kham away from music, away from friends, and away from family. It wasn’t until his girlfriend confronted him about how he was feeling did he share what had been burdening him. His girlfriend encouraged him to begin the healing process and share the line ‘You can’t heal what you’re not real about’. From here, Kham began seeking therapy and community to help him in the healing process. This led him to begin writing music again.
While in the creative process, Kham had a dream in which he had a conversation with his unborn daughter with whom he had to explain the state of the world and all that is happening. However, in the dream a shift happened and Kham realized his unborn daughter was him and he was God within this dream sequence. He was in fact sharing his confusion of the world with God.

This dream was so impactful that it led him to write the song ‘To Whom It May Concern’, a descriptive song that detail the dream. Inspired by his recent encounter Kham wanted to begin to encourage others to begin the healing process themselves. He began writing a devotional about the healing process that he wanted to publish on The Bible App. During this time, he was in a virtual studio session with producer Godframe that led Kham to record ‘I’m Healing’. This was an anthemic song, pulled from the devotional he was writing, that Kham wanted to champion the process of healing and that nobody can ‘heal what they aren’t real about’.

With these two songs being inspired by his own journey, Kham wanted to release them together as “To Whom It May Concern..I’m Healing”. Kham looks to challenge listeners to begin the healing process and heal together.


  1. To Whom it May Concern… (3:31)

2. I’m Healing [featuring Aybe Lexington & 99Apex]  

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Kham Releases Debut Album PROBLEMATIC

Virginia Beach rapper Kham releases his debut album “PROBLEMATIC” with features from Phil J., CZAR Josh, J. Crum, and Stephanie Nicole.

Virginia Beach is known for its diverse and eclectic musical sounds that originated with the likes of Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and Pharrell,  and there are definitely new buzzing artists that are carrying the mantle in their own ways.

Kham is one of those artists, who is continuing the legacy while creating his own niche.

With his debut studio album PROBLEMATIC, Kham is reaching a whole new audience and opening up more eyes to his outstanding sound. The tracklist includes production from Enzo Gran, 1995, Killawatts, Gleece, TopSecretBeats, and Harrisxn.  On the heels of announcing a joint partnership with RMG Amplify, the Culture Villains artist uses PROBLEMATIC as a deep dive into the current state of our world over a diverse and eclectic soundscape. Kham touches on issues of self-worth, systemic oppression, racism, police brutality, and hope through the 11 track LP.



2) L00K




6) T.H.U.G.


8) NEVER HAD (Feat. CZAR Josh,  J. Crum, & Phil J)


10) HARMONY (Feat. Stephanie Nicole)


Kham states, “The current state of our society  presents a lot of problems for my daily life. But I like to think I’m a problem to my problems.”

Kham hosted a 360 VR virtual album release concert exclusively on YouTube prior to the release of the album.

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Kham Announces Debut Album With New Single PROBLEMATIC

On the heels of announcing a joint partnership with RMG Amplify, Culture Villains artist Kham releases his newest single,  ‘PROBLEMATIC’ and announces his debut album of the same name.  The west coast inspired track produced by Bay Area native, seni finds Kham rapping about the current societal issues that have been problematic to his mental health.


Kham states, “The current state of our society  presents a lot of problems for my daily life. But I like to think I’m a problem to my problems.”


Kham will be releasing his debut album also titled ‘PROBLEMATIC’ on October 30th which is currently available for pre-order and presave on all platforms. He announced the album in a unique way by having fans visit his website to view his announcement trailer and also experience a 360 Virtual user experience. Visitors to the site can listen to snippets of the album, view behind the scenes interviews, and purchase merchandise.

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Kham Combats Police Brutality With BOTHAM

Today, Kham releases his second single of 2020 with “BOTHAM.” The Enzo Gran produced track is an aggressive, racially charged track that takes listeners into the worldview of a black man in his 20s. The single is a tribute to black lives that have been lost due to police brutality.

Hailing from the Tidewater area of Virginia, Kham is a hip hop artist looking to change the perception of the genre. Kham ties in his experiences growing up as a black male and inspiration from his faith with a diverse sound ranging from trap influences to eclectic melodies. He released his free EP ‘The Drive’ in June of 2018, with the high energy track ‘Incognito’ serving as the EP’s lead single. A remix to Incognito featuring Ruslan and Jon Keith became an indie hit amongst internet radio and Spotify playlists. In 2018, Kham also teamed up with Big Yae and CZAR Josh for the double single, 2 for 1. Kham has opened up for major acts such as KB, Social Club, and Steven Malcolm. At the end of 2018, Kham partnered with Indie Label, Culture Villains, for the release of his upcoming projects. He is preparing his upcoming release, slated to drop in fall of 2020.

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Kham Returns With New Single L00K

It has been a quiet 2020 for Kham in terms of solo music. That has quickly changed with the release of his new single, L00K. “L00K” is a hard hitting, energetic, coming of age track produced by Enzo Gran. Kham raps about his transition from his collegiate days to adulthood over an aggressive synth bass which serves as a compliment to the catchy, repetitive hook.

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