Kham Releases New Single “Bossa Nova” ft Aaron Cole

BOSSA NOVA embarks on a rhythmic journey that transcends boundaries and defies expectations. This electrifying collaboration brings together two formidable talents hailing from the heart of Virginia: Kham and Aaron Cole. Produced by the visionary Isaac Mather, “BOSSA NOVA” is a fresh and vibrant fusion of hip-hop, soul, and gospel that pushes the envelope and shatters conventions.

Kham, known for his lyrical prowess and unapologetic authenticity, kicks things off with a hook that immediately grabs your attention:

“If you’ve been waiting for the real, just know the wait is over. I’ve been giving it my all, now I’m taking it over.”

With a confident flow and a message that resonates, Kham declares himself a “villain to the culture” amidst a sea of culture vultures, and he isn’t here to play small. He’s here to be “BOSSA NOVA,” a force that can’t be ignored.
Then, enter Aaron Cole, the Billboard Christian #1 artist and Dove Award winner. His verse is a masterclass in storytelling and introspection, touching on themes of resilience and staying true to oneself. Aaron’s lyrical prowess shines as he paints a vivid picture of his journey from “rags at Virginia High to the TV screens.” He leaves no doubt that he’s on a mission to succeed, and he’s doing it on his terms.

The song’s infectious chorus becomes an anthem of self-assuredness and unwavering determination. It’s a call to action for those who have been patiently waiting for something real and meaningful in the world of music.
BOSSA NOVA” is more than just a song; it’s a statement. It’s a declaration of authenticity and resilience in the face of challenges. Kham and Aaron Cole bring their unique perspectives to the table, creating a sonic tapestry that’s both thought-provoking and undeniably groovy. This track is an invitation to dance to your own rhythm and be your own boss, just like the BOSSA NOVA itself – a genre that defies convention and embraces the freedom to be different.
So, if you’re ready to experience music that’s unapologetically real, powerful, and genre-blurring, press play on “BOSSA NOVA” and let Kham and Aaron Cole take you on a journey you won’t forget. Samba yea, Samba yea-oh, Samba yea, Samba yea-oh.

BOSSA NOVA is the second of a series of five single releases that set the stage for Kham’s forthcoming EP, titled “Geneva.” This release strategy not only builds anticipation for the EP but also offers listeners an evolving and multifaceted perspective on Kham’s artistic evolution. With “BOSSA NOVA” as the opening chapter, Kham is prepared to shatter the ceiling of his potential as an artist.

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