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Markus Riggs Releases New Single “Fear”

Markus Riggs aka “4 Minute Sermons.” Is a rap artist whose goal is to find truth in the midst of a world of facts and opinions.

“I know what I should be but also there is so much broken inside me. I have the facts but I’m still on a journey for the truth. There is a lot I am unsure of but I do know this. That life is painful, but even more do its worth it, and those two facts are what my music is all about.” says Markus.

The song in a vacuum represents where he`s currently battling Fear in a non-metaphorical light. The point in life we all get to where if someone asked us what we were going through we wouldn’t bother because the discussion and depth to the question would be endless. It’s the fight that never stops.

“I know my battle with Fear will never stop but I wanted to create an anthem I could turn to in the dark times. A chorus that gave me something realistic yet hopeful. Versus that told me everything wasn’t okay. Yet a song I can look at and see realistic hope in. Those thoughts lead me to bleed out my heart and soul into this song.” says Markus.


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