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Beleaf On Commercial with John Legend.

Christian hip hop continues to win and the reason that I say that is because, Beleaf has now been featured in a national commercial with John Legend. The fact of the matter is he quit rapping full time in order to be a full time and present father. He was part of dream junkies and the breax and to keep it a Bill, he is probably the ghostwriter behind one of your favorite artists. Just to put that out, when it came to the piano it was a lot of people that couldn’t touch Beleaf. But this guy opened up his home, created a show called “Beleaf in fatherhood” that you could see up on YouTube and there are so many people that tune into this not just Christians but people that don’t even know Christ. He has been mentioned on several different blogs on “the best shows” on YouTube or “the best father” and things like that. And last year he stirred the pot when he created a hash tag called #BlackFather’sDay. But now he has been featured in a commercial with John Legend. Congratulations to him for showing that black fathers are in fact present in their kid’s life that a black father can have a full family; wife, kids can have everything so big shouts out to him for making it his official mission.

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