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Lecrae Spotted with Meek Mill.

I really love when people try to figure out stuff and that’s what I’m here to help you figure out things about nothing right. It really doesn’t need to be figured out because they’ll post on this story. There’s this picture of Lecrae being in the mix with rapper Meek Mill and Corey says people hate on the right. But he’s inspired nobody else. So now there was a discussion I was having with some peers and they were like you know why people celebrate look crazy being in these sparks right. Somebody said if he’s sharing the gospel I really don’t care or could care less than somebody else will like. Well you know he’s there at. College just want to put my little two cents on it. Does it matter what if he’s actually not sharing the gospel but just having a good time being in the mix. What if they’re just sitting around playing dominoes or spades. What if they actually brought him over to meet their moms like, does it even matter? I have relationship with people that are called quote “not of the faith” and are really really good people. I don’t have a relationship with just “Christian people” and you’re not trying to share the gospel every time you speak to them. Sometimes you get some people off but that’s neither here nor there. My question is why do everybody celebrate him being a low spot. I just think it’s dope for the simple fact this is a person that we owe to ourselves and look was a small little “Christian hip-hop” box and we held him just in our genre and now he’s out there and people are knowing his name and if they go look at some of his music. Actually no. I didn’t actually exist. They noted Christian Hiphop actually exists regardless of what he says they will and everybody will always classify him as a Christian hip hop artist. So my thing is and it’s always been like, it doesn’t matter whether he’s sharing the Gospel or not. As long as I don’t get any reports that he’s smoking, drinking and beating his wife, cheating on his wife; whatever the case is, it doesn’t matter who he is hanging out with. I mean why do people care so much about where he is and what he is doing or who he’s with or who he is not with?

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