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Natalie Grant Releases “Face to Face” And Reveals Track Listing of Her New Album

Natalie Grant plans to release her tenth studio album, No Stranger, August 28, 2020. She has released a new single “Face to Face,” from the album.

“My new song, Face to Face is available NOW! Let the lyrics wash over, pull you close to our Strongtower, and keep you hand in hand until we stand face to face,” Says Natalie Grant.

Track Listing

1. Face to Face
2. My Weapon
3. Do It Through Me
4. Praise You In This Storm
5. Who Else
6. Isn’t He (This Jesus)
7. Even Louder (w/Steven Malcolm & Mr. Talkbox)
8. No Stranger
9. Presence Of The King (w/Fleurie)
10. My Weapon (Sacred Version)
11. Amen (So Be It)


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